I believe that consciousness exists in every form of our lives. I embody my consciousness through a healthy lifestyle. I eat mainly vegan to reduce my carbon footprint as well as the suffering I cause on other creatures and to have the healthiest and most able body to do good in the world. I practice yoga and meditation, bicycle instead of drive or take the bus, have just ventured into the world of hooping, hike often, and try to find myself physically active at least every day. I attempt to use products that are made humanely, and I think no one has an excuse to not recycle and compost. ♲
My mental, emotional, and spiritual consciousness is something I am still unable to quite put into words. I believe in the evolution and ascension of human consciousness and that it is occurring more strongly than ever at this moment in time. I try to live my life with awareness and acceptance of the present moment. Go with the flow. Namaste.
"Life will give you whatever is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness." - Eckhart Tolle